Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Success Story

“I started out on March 30, 2009 with Nutrasystem. I had ordered your e-book and felt like the foods with all the starches and soy with Nutrasystem would not be as good for me as eating the foods that you suggested. I couldn’t wait to run out of the Nutrasystem foods so that I could start your Diet Solution. I have been on your program since July. I have lost a total of 22.5 lbs. since March 30. I have been continuing to lose weight being on your program. I would still like to lose another 12 lbs. so I am still working on those stubborn pounds. It has really been a slow process, but I know that I have been eating better than I ever have in my life. My husband can’t get over how much better I look. The Diet Solution has changed my life so much for the better. I have been a Type 1 diabetic for almost 41 years, wear an insulin pump and my blood sugars have never been so good in all those years. I feel like I am doing more for my overall health than ever. I am also exercising, which has never lasted for me more than a couple of weeks, but now I am going on six months. I want to continue to eat by your plan and exercise for the rest of my life. I just wish I had started when I was your age. I am about to turn 66 years old. Another thing I have changed since being on your program is the kind of salt that I use. I am like you, in that I LOVE salt. I am currently using Celtic Sea Salt and I love it. Also, I have started to buy more omega 3 rich fish and even grass fed beef when I can. I appreciate your newsletters and all the suggestions and hints that you have in them. I am so glad that I heard of you through Mike Geary’s newsletters. You have been a great help for me in so many ways. I just received my first bottle of EFA Icon krill oil from Prograde because of your suggestion. I have thought about ordering their Longevity, but have not done so yet. Thank you for everything, Isabel, and thank you for being there.”

Learn more: http://goo.gl/WILuF


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